AGS has recently partnered with industry leader Health and Performance Resources (HPR | HOME ( to enhance their LCI Metrics (Life Circumstances Intelligence) deliverable. Their data resources link a wide range of individual and neighborhood attributes to individual patient, health plan member and consumer records.

Life circumstances – such as poverty status, living alone, and even religion – have a known impact on the health of individuals and affect health status, health behavior, and healthcare costs.   These are combined with neighborhood factors — such as housing vacancies, neighborhood poverty, unemployment, personal safety and food insecurity. Known collectively as “social determinants of health” (SDOH), they impact health status and health behavior at the community level.

Many studies have shown a negative link between health and crime rates, and the addition of Crime Risk to the HPR risk metrics will allow providers and insurers to identify at-risk patients, improve the quality of delivery and outcomes, and minimize the overall cost of care.

The LCI Metrics include a wide range of variables including:

  • Patient demographics including age, sex, ethnicity, and religion
  • Family structure
  • Healthcare attitudes and behaviors
  • Insurance characteristics
  • Neighborhood economic status
  • Food security
  • Exposure to pollutants
  • Neighborhood crime risk

HPR provides a range of strategic services to the health care industry including –

  • Population health assessment and strategy
  • Life and Social Circumstances
  • Patient engagement and strategy
  • Communication and messaging
  • Health services demand modeling

For further information, visit HPR | HOME (, or contact their senior advisers Paul Russell ( or Richard Thomas (