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The central component in reliable market research is the quality of your demographic data. Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. (AGS) is a leading supplier of premium quality demographic and marketing databases.  AGS was established in 1996 in response to the rapidly decreasing number of reliable demographic data providers in the United States and has grown rapidly through its partner program.

Our Mission

Applied Geographic Solutions brings a unique pioneering spirit to the delivery of superior quality demographic and industry-specific data — to help today’s leading companies make the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective market decisions. AGS is committed to continuing to give companies the power to make smarter market decisions — by delivering an unmatched combination of superior data quality, proven methodologies, greater market coverage, rapid data access, exceptional support, and industry-leading value.


Our Procedure

Since its founding, AGS has rapidly expanded its delivery processes through its unique, strategic nationwide Partner Advantage Program. Our unique reseller philosophy is based on one central principle: Giving our Partners every business advantage, so they can help their customers make smarter and more accurate market decisions — faster.

AGS’ Resellers include many of today’s leading demographic and GIS companies. And their clients represent a multitude of the top corporations in a wide variety of market-driven industries. They all count on AGS for the highest quality data to deliver a wide variety of critical market-focused business decisions.

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