Data for the Greater Good

What makes data and statistical analysis wonderful is the ability to optimize your research or business and take it to the next level. But what about using data to optimize non-profit organizations and enhance the work that they do? A little data can go a long way to...

Dealing with the 2020 Census

A tremendous effort in the analytics world is devoted to the task of data preparation and cleansing. Data exchanges refer to ‘curated’ data, which suggests that the suppliers of that data have gone to the trouble of estimating missing fields, reigning in outliers, and...

Optimizing Online Ads with Data

  In the years since “big data” became a term, the scope of what data can do to enhance your business has changed and evolved. If you own a business, you likely are paying for some kind of online advertising. Google Ads, social media advertising, and any other...

2023A Release Highlights

In early May, AGS will release our first update of the year: 2023A. As we prepare for the release, we wanted to share about major updates to one database, and the addition of a database that has been requested by our clients. Behaviors and Attitudes (BAT) has been a...

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March 2023 Round-up:

At the end of each month, the AGS team looks back at articles and blog posts that we saw this month that stood out to us. Some are from news agencies, and many come from our partners, but not all use our data. Here is the round-up from March 2023. CBC Nordstrom is out...

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Transparency Matters

After several revised publication dates over the past two years, the Census Bureau is threatening to finally release the detailed counts from the 2020 census starting in May with the DHC (Demographic and Housing Characteristics) file. We won’t pretend to be...

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Healthcare Databases Explained

In the last year, AGS has released an additional database with health related variables: Chronic Diseases and Risk Factors. This database joins the Healthcare database that AGS has had in our library for many years. But how are these databases different, and when...

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Once a major military city, Tampa sits on the Gulf Coast of Florida as the state’s third most populous city. While the city’s success was once driven by Fort Brooke and the bay’s port, today it is known for it’s booming technology sector as a popular place for...

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San Jose

San Jose is the center of Silicon Valley, headquarters to major tech companies and the most populous city in Northern California. This metropolitan area is home to the young and wealthy, but has its appeal started waning? Since the early 1900’s, San Jose has always...

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