Dealing with the 2020 Census

A tremendous effort in the analytics world is devoted to the task of data preparation and cleansing. Data exchanges refer to ‘curated’ data, which suggests that the suppliers of that data have gone to the trouble of estimating missing fields, reigning in outliers, and...

Optimizing Online Ads with Data

  In the years since “big data” became a term, the scope of what data can do to enhance your business has changed and evolved. If you own a business, you likely are paying for some kind of online advertising. Google Ads, social media advertising, and any other...

Personal Reflections on the Geo-Spatial World

I started my undergraduate degree in geography in the late 1970’s, but lest you think I roamed free with the dinosaurs, I admit to being slightly underage for a college freshman and most species were likely already extinct. It was an exciting time in geography as the...

November 2022 Round-Up

At the end of each month, the AGS team looks back at articles and blog posts that we saw this month that stood out to us. Some are from news agencies, and many come from our partners, but not all use our data. Here is the round-up from November 2022. CBRE We are right...

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Growing up, there was a series of books that was very popular among my classmates. It was a variety of different stories, but they all had the same theme—choose your own adventure. You would read a section, and then at the end it would instruct you to turn to page 27...

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Ranking AGS Employee Cities with Quality of Life

Years ago, when we first released the Quality of Life database, there was much to do about who’s city would come out on top. There were even some accusations between Gary and Matt on why one city was ranked higher than another. Now that we are rereleasing Quality of...

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In 1982, Billy Joel released “Allentown”, a song about a town that is struggling once mining and manufacturing jobs have gone elsewhere. Allentown, Pennsylvania is the third largest city in the state, and the entire metropolitan area is the 68th largest in the...

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Scranton, the Electric City, might be best known these days as the city where the hit NBC TV show, The Office, took place. But long before Jim was playing pranks on Dwight, Scranton was an industrial hub where coal mining and industrial improvements put them on the...

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The Diversification of America

The population of the United States has more than doubled since 1950, and along with that growth has been a substantial shift in the demographic makeup of the population. In 1950, 97.5% of the population was either non-Hispanic White or Black. By 2020, the Hispanic...

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