Data for the Greater Good

What makes data and statistical analysis wonderful is the ability to optimize your research or business and take it to the next level. But what about using data to optimize non-profit organizations and enhance the work that they do? A little data can go a long way to...

Dealing with the 2020 Census

A tremendous effort in the analytics world is devoted to the task of data preparation and cleansing. Data exchanges refer to ‘curated’ data, which suggests that the suppliers of that data have gone to the trouble of estimating missing fields, reigning in outliers, and...

Optimizing Online Ads with Data

  In the years since “big data” became a term, the scope of what data can do to enhance your business has changed and evolved. If you own a business, you likely are paying for some kind of online advertising. Google Ads, social media advertising, and any other...

Retail Loss and Commercial Real Estate

Retail loss, also known as shoplifting or theft, has continued to make headlines month after month since mid-2020. Recently, Target announced that retail loss is forcing them to close 9 stores in Northern California, Portland, New York, Seattle and Pittsburgh. This...

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September 2023 Round-up

At the end of each month, the AGS team looks back at articles and blog posts that we saw this month that stood out to us. Some are from news agencies, and many come from our partners, but not all use our data. Here is the round-up from September 2023. Census The...

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Transitioning to the 2020 Census

Starting a few years before the 2020 census, the bureau began discussing methodologies for improving ‘disclosure avoidance’. To be honest, we were highly skeptical of how this would play out, especially since the published methodology discussions were obtuse, reading...

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Rethinking Poverty and Income Inequality

In recent years, we have been consistently told that income inequality is on the rise and that the war on poverty declared in the 1960’s has been a failure. The Economist magazine stated bluntly that “it is a truth universally acknowledged that inequality in the rich...

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