Dealing with the 2020 Census

A tremendous effort in the analytics world is devoted to the task of data preparation and cleansing. Data exchanges refer to ‘curated’ data, which suggests that the suppliers of that data have gone to the trouble of estimating missing fields, reigning in outliers, and...

Optimizing Online Ads with Data

  In the years since “big data” became a term, the scope of what data can do to enhance your business has changed and evolved. If you own a business, you likely are paying for some kind of online advertising. Google Ads, social media advertising, and any other...

Personal Reflections on the Geo-Spatial World

I started my undergraduate degree in geography in the late 1970’s, but lest you think I roamed free with the dinosaurs, I admit to being slightly underage for a college freshman and most species were likely already extinct. It was an exciting time in geography as the...

Rising Heating Costs

It’s hard to ignore it: things are more expensive than they ever have been. In December, inflation hit a 40-year high of 7%, and the most vulnerable Americans are having a hard time putting food on their table and keeping their homes warm. We are paying 15.2% more for...

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Calling out the Crickets

As a rule, we at AGS are not overly keen on the approach of talking about competitors negatively. Perhaps it is our polite Canadian heritage, where we are more likely to say that we are sorry for something we didn’t do than point fingers at the ones who did....

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Once established as a trading post, Dallas became famous when oil was found in the area, making it the business center for oil in all of Texas and Oklahoma in the 1930’s. Since then, Dallas has grown to be the 9th largest city in the U.S., and the third largest in...

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Fort Worth

Often touted as “Where the West Begins” Fort Worth has humble beginnings as one of eight forts set to protect settlers from Indian attacks on the new frontier. Known for its history in cattle trade, today “Cowtown” is a thriving city, currently the 13th largest in the...

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Why AGS: We Aren’t Just a Data Vendor

When you think about AGS, you probably think about our data. Our data, trusted by thousands of companies, made us a household name in the data science world. We have more data than anyone else (more than 35,000 variables and counting), and we pride ourselves on being...

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2022 Plans

The AGS team always feels a renewed energy at the start of the new year, and we are full steam ahead on our plans for 2022. There are lots of exciting things happening at AGS this year, some that we aren’t quite willing to share all the details of just yet. Here is a...

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