Partner Advantage Program

7 Reasons Why AGS Partner Advantage is Today’s SMARTER Reseller Program

Superior Quality Geodemographic Data

Accurate and Complete Source Data and Proven Methodologies. You will move quicker and with more confidence in your target markets knowing you’re making the smartest business decisions possible. AGS’s superior data quality is based on two primary factors: Our accurate and complete source data and our proven methodologies, which have been refined since 1985.

Maximum Market Coverage

40,000 Individual Variables for Each Block Group in the United States. You gain an expanded opportunity to meet your clients’ precise market research requirements—and to expand your strategic business opportunities. AGS offers an extensive range of market analysis databases available for all standard geographic levels, including block groups, census tracts, and zip codes.

Attractive Pricing

Market Data at a Fair Market Value. You gain a powerful way to become a value leader. While other data providers base their prices on what the market will bear, AGS leads the industry in selling data at a fair market value. This unique pricing philosophy gives you a reliable and cost-effective alternative for market analysis data.

Rapid Data Access

Complete Market Data Access and a Powerful Extraction Tool. You gain a powerful, time-saving way to accelerate your market responsiveness and drive your competitive advantage. AGS’s unique data delivery approach includes giving you most of our entire database and an intelligent extraction software tool, called SnapSite.

Trust-Worthy Non-Compete Policy

You Gain a True Data Partner, Not Another Competitor. AGS does not sell its data directly to end users. So, unlike other data providers, we will never compete with or cannibalize your business for either application or consulting sales. In fact, when end users call us, we direct them to one of our active Partners.

Exceptional Service & Support

A Wide Range of Partner Support Services. You’ll gain a Partner who will make your job easier, help you identify new business opportunities, and work with you to design extra product offerings.

Remarkable Royalty Rates

The Highest Return on Your Investment. With AGS as your data Partner, you will capture a much higher percent of the data sale. AGS respects the value you add to the data—and believes you should be compensated for your added value. For detailed royalty rates information, please call an AGS representative today toll-free at 1-877-944-4AGS.

If you’re ready for a data provider who will treat you like a true Partner – and give you a competitive advantage, not another competitor – choose the AGS Partner Advantage Program.

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