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Applied Geographic Solutions has been powering smarter market decisions for over two decades, always with a focus on providing and supporting the most accurate small area demographic data available, covering the broadest range of topics, and delivered with the maximum flexibility and cutting-edge tools.

Data done right. Data Delivery done right.

Complete Flexibility

Data is available both as packages and as individual variables. Pay for only what you need.

Unparalleled Range of Data

The AGS library consists of thousands of attributes across a wide range of topics. Together, these variables provide the most comprehensive view of small area geography available.

Data You Can Trust

Updated twice a year, AGS data has been trusted by thousands of companies for nearly 25 years. All built with superior data sources using cutting edge proprietary analytics methods developed over decades of work, and crafted by a data team known and respected internationally.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


AGS delivers an extensive range of the highest quality demographic data products and lifestyle segmentation system. All databases are derived from superior source data and the most sophisticated, refined, and proven methodologies. 

Snapshot API

The Snapshot API delivers the data you need for site location analytics simply and efficiently. Through a simple interface, reports can be delivered for radius areas, drive times, custom polygons, grid cells and standard geographic units. With as few as one variable, or as many as a thousand, you get the report that you need priced accordingly. Snapshot supports both annual subscription models and pay-as-you-go plans, at prices you can truly afford.

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