Is your demographics provider stuck in the past? Still sending out the same database to everybody on a pre-historic physical platter which makes your otherwise despondent DVD reader feel remotely loved? These strange looking platters are interesting if you are a musician, they are gold or platinum records of your latest hit song, and you have a wall to display them on.

AGS has always been different. Unlike a mastered DVD – meaning that everybody has to get (and of course pay for) the whole database and not just what matches their needs – AGS has been delivering its data solutions by download for well over a decade. For application developers, updating systems is a simple as downloading our Snapsite desktop application and running a batch operation to extract all of their variable lists. For consulting partners, Snapsite makes choosing variables and geography for project work simple – and provides site reporting, segmentation tools, and statistical processing functions. Each client selects only the variables they want, for the levels of geography they want, and in the format they want.

Now, with Snapshot, AGS data is even easier to access. Snapshot is optimized to deliver data on demand to cloud and web-enabled desktop applications. At the core of Snapshot is a lightning quick geoprocessing engine that delivers the exact variables you need for the geography you specify – radius areas, drive times, zip codes, polygons, and grids – with extensive benchmarking capabilities. Among the advanced features are –

  • Context sensitive trade area sizing using user-specified local density to determine the trade area size in miles or minutes
  • Flexible benchmarking against up to five areas including other sites, or using percentiles or standard scores
  • Filtering, enabling reports that include only areas that meet your criteria
  • Distance adjusted trade areas
  • A broad array of statistical and data manipulation functions
  • Multiple site or network data processing in minutes
  • Generate any variable for any geography level to support interactive mapping

Stay ahead of the curve by adding Snapshot services to your applications. For more information, contact