Empty leases are one of those constant struggles for any landlord with retail space. Finding the right tenant to match your available space and matching the other tenants in your center can be a hard thing to do.

Then there is the global pandemic. Large and small companies that occupy commercial space have felt the impact, and to some, it has been the killing blow, creating more vacancies than normal. As companies work to adjust their strategies, landlords will need to be ready to adapt to those changes.

Sites USA has created Void Analysis, a tool that helps landlords fill their open vacancies with the best tenants. By comparing your market to a target area, Void Analysis can provide landlords with retailers who may be a fit for the available space. 

Landlords can select the retailers that match the available space, and once the study is ready, landlords can see detailed contact information for retailers listed as a void. Our clean, detailed report provides the required information for landlords to begin conversations and fill their space with a tenant that will be a long lasting success.

If you are interested in learning more about Void Analysis, contact Sites USA at 480-491-1112 or visit our website here.