While car sales are down due to the pandemic, most manufactures and dealerships are having sales and promotions to bring in clients, even going as far as making the car buying process completely virtual. Based on the MRI data set, we took a look at car buyers—those that buy a fun car vs. something more basic and practical, and those that buy domestic vs. foreign made cars.

When looking at those that prefer a fun car over something more practical, the map clearly shows that fun cars rule the roads in the southern half of the country, from California to Virginia. They are heavily concentrated in the deep south, from Louisiana to South Carolina. Most of these states typically have warmer climates, lending themselves to convertibles, which can be driven with the top down most of the year. Outliers include southern Wyoming, and central Washington.

It is no surprise that when we look at the domestic vs. foreign car buyers map, the heartland of the U.S. typically prefers a domestic car. Foreign manufactured cars are preferred by states on either side of the country, and are deeply favored in Nevada, Utah, Oregon and California. There is also a heavy concentration of foreign cars in northern Montana.

You may notice that some of the strong affinities of foreign car ownership is located on or near Indian reservations. While the data on the individuals that reside on reservations is limited, there is a definite affinity for foreign cars in these populations.