Dogs. They bring so much joy to our lives, especially during these uncertain times. But can we map man’s best friend? We looked at our MRI data, and based on Panorama segmentation, mapped out households most likely to have a large dog (>60 lbs.) and those most likely to have a small dog (<10 lbs.).

Those in darker areas are more likely to have a big dog than those in lightly shaded areas. Big dogs are king in the north and the plains, while small dogs are more prevalent in the south.

We wanted to take a closer look at urban areas, as we assumed that more households would have small dogs, due to apartment living. For the most part that is the case, but in New York City, there are still some larger dogs.


And now, a look at the dogs (and two cats) of AGS. We couldn’t do a dog post without showing you our pets! We hope that this brings some joy to your day.