From time to time, we will be featuring the unique capabilities of our partners. Today, we feature SitesUSA, an industry leader that has been proudly offering AGS data to its subscribers since the year stated with 19!

Mapping retailers is vital for success on many commercial real estate projects. If that data is incorrect, any conclusions drawn from that data is also likely to be incorrect.

With this in mind, we at Sites USA created an in-house merchant team to track all national and major regional retailers. This team rooftop verifies each retailer’s location, saving you hours of work!

Adding small local retailers is no problem with our advanced layer control features in REGIS Online. Simply import, map, and represent with a symbol or logo of your choice.

Additionally, users can make changes on the fly for retailers that recently closed, moved, or opened a new store. The best part? Our team verifies those changes and then shares them with all REGIS Online users, making sure our merchant locations are as accurate and up to date as possible.

With the combination of superior retail data and industry trusted AGS demographics, REGIS Online is the number one source for all commercial real estate mapping and demographic needs.

Visit our website to learn more, or call them at 480-491-1112 to see a live demo of REGIS Online and how it can help you!