This week, we unveiled new features for Freeway, the drive time engine of choice for trade area delineation and retail sales forecasting models. The first and best engine has been reworked and expanded to include a range of new features including global coverage, greater resolution control, more street types, and better performance. Now, let’s look at the maps the new and improved Freeway can produce.

First let’s look at some international drivetimes. Buenos Aires provides an interesting map, as the 5 minute drivetime is cut short due to the Rio de la Plata.

Buenos Aires Argentina 1-3-5 Minute Drive Times

The Cairo, Egypt map shows what a map with multiple locations can look like, which is especially useful when deciding on retail locations.

Cairo Egypt Multiple Locations

On the Guadalajara, Mexico map, we see how Freeway overlaps with a standard Google Map, showing neighborhoods, businesses, and street details.

Guadalajara Mexico Google Terrain

Another feature is looking at the drivetimes in conjunction with Google Terrain. In Hong Kong, we see how the topography influences a drivetime with multiple sites highlighted. On the other end of the spectrum, Kabul, Afghanistan has a much flatter topography, and you can see how much farther you can drive in the same amount of time.

Hong Kong Multiple Sites Google Terrain


Kabul Afghanistan Google Terrain

Finally, let’s look at the drivetime in Memphis, Tennessee. This map shows our highest resolution possible. This fine resolution shows a lot of details, and most polygons populate in under one second.

Memphis TN 15 Minute Drive Time Fine Resolution

Want to know more about Freeway? Read more on the PDF below, which covers all of the new features in depth.

Freeway 2020