Years ago, when we first released the Quality of Life database, there was much to do about who’s city would come out on top. There were even some accusations between Gary and Matt on why one city was ranked higher than another. Now that we are rereleasing Quality of Life, we wanted to see how our cities stack up against each other. From lowest score to highest score, here is the quality of life scores for AGS employee cities.

  1. Green Bay, WI- Mike Christenson

Someone has to be last, and we aren’t surprised that it’s Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of Senior Vice President Mike Christenson. Green Bay is dragged down in score most notably by the snow and lower than average health scores, though it does get a boost in the leisure category (Go Pack Go?). As it turns out, physical environment matters, and in the case of Green Bay, the low score of 44 really makes a difference.

  1. Oceanside, CA- Lori Aune

This one was a little shocking, as Oceanside is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to live. Sandwiched north of San Diego, it is known as a quaint beach town, which is reflected in the very high physical environment score. Unfortunately for Oceanside, that only counts for 13% of the entire index. Oceanside scores lower than average on the economic and community subindexes, and since those are weighted more heavily, Oceanside comes in with a score of 100 even.

  1. Fort Worth, TX- Elyse Robinson

The great state of Texas coming in 5th place wasn’t how a certain AGS blog writer saw this going. Sure, it can be very hot here, and when it gets to cold, we all lose power. But, Fort Worth is lowered by the community and leisure scores.  The community score really takes a hit in the way of quality schools, an area that Fort Worth deeply struggles with. On the flip side, good access to healthcare and strong economic growth pull Fort Worth into the middle of the AGS pack.

  1. Chula Vista, CA-Oscar Zaragoza

AGS newbie Oscar Zaragoza’s Chula Vista comes in the top half of the rankings thanks to blowout scores in physical environment and healthcare outcomes. Another beautiful California coastal city, Chula Vista is actually the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area. Economic and leisure scores pull Chula Vista down below San Diego, despite having sections with much higher scores.

  1. San Diego, CA-Ben Needham

San Diego, our first runner-up. Similar to Chula Vista, San Diego soars to the top with amazing scores in healthcare and physical environment. The other 3 scores, economic, community and leisure, all sit at just about average. But you just can’t beat those beautiful beaches.

T-1. Thousand Oaks, CA- Gary Menger

The pinnacle of suburbia, and home of AGS Founder and President Gary Menger, Thousand Oaks ties the rankings at number one. With 90 as the lowest score in any category. Thousand Oaks thrives in physical environment (Southern California, enough said), community and healthcare. But, if it wants to edge out the other top candidate for an undisputed first place trophy, they need to up their game in the leisure department.

T-1. Santa Clarita, CA-Matt Needham

Our other first place tie city is home to none other than Matt Needham. By far the most well rounded AGS employee city, Santa Clarita scores big on physical environment, community and healthcare. While the city could improve in the economic category, it’s not hard to see how they ended up at the top of the pack.

There you have it, the definitive rankings. After many years of debate between the two of them, Matt and Gary can rest easy knowing that they both live in top cities for AGS employees. For everyone else, we smell a rigged ranking.