At the end of each month, the AGS team looks back at articles and blog posts that we saw this month that stood out to us. Some are from news agencies, and many come from our partners, but not all use our data. Here is the round-up from June 2022.

Cubit Planning

Lots of fun data analysis from Cubit Planning, including some breakdowns on the latest 2020 Census data. Is your city growing?

City Pop Projections, Biz Patterns, Tourists & Vital Statistics | LinkedIn


Grocery experts at SiteSeer look at the future of convenience grocery shopping. With inflation on the rise, grocery pickup and delivery could see impacts.

E-Grocery Sales Trends: What’s Next? (

NY Times

Tim Hortons was recently caught tracking app users when the app was not in use, turning the GPS systems in customer’s phones into a way to snoop on the customers. How will this impact the views on allowing apps to track your location, and how will that impact mobile data?

‘A Mass Invasion of Privacy’ but No Penalties for Tim Hortons – The New York Times (

Sites USA

Can a viral sensation on social media help a retail store? Sites USA examines the BookTok trend and the impact on stores like Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books.

Sites USA – BookTok And Bookstores

The amount of data companies is rapidly growing, and looks at what is fueling the growth. We are proud to be included in this impressive list!

The Physical World Data Ecosystem –