The AGS team always feels a renewed energy at the start of the new year, and we are full steam ahead on our plans for 2022. There are lots of exciting things happening at AGS this year, some that we aren’t quite willing to share all the details of just yet. Here is a little sneak peek of what you can look forward to this year from AGS.

  • Panorama Expansion: One of the big projects that we have been working over the last year is an expansion of Panorama to include Canada. You won’t have to wait long for this, as it will be here before you know it. We will share more in the coming weeks
  • 2020 Census Geography: We are excited to offer the 2020 census geography across all databases with the 2022 releases.
  • Snapshot Upgrades: Our API, Snapshot, is getting a few upgrades this year.
    • Expanded reporting capabilities of Snapshot: A total makeover for reports, including multiple report formats, embedded graphics and embedding of external data sources into PDF reports. These new reports will certainly be a favorite feature for our Snapshot users, especially for those that hand these reports over to clients and colleagues who need a more visual presentation of data.
    • Snapshot analytics toolkit expansion: Adding hotspot analysis, advanced trade area delineation by using customer location data, density modeling, and contouring. Analysis has never been so easy.
  • Full implementation of Snapshot as our internal production engine: We have come a long way since the days of mailing out CDs with the data on them for you to download. This year, we plan to move fully onto our API, Snapshot, for internal production. We have worked hard at making it efficient and quick for accessing data, all while making it easy to use.
  • QOL 2.0: We are planning on resurrecting our now defunct Quality of Life database and making it even better than before. We hope that this dataset, which has been heavily requested, is valuable to our clients.
  • Estimates and Projections expansion: Expanding our core demographics using additional ACS tables will allow us to give you the most detailed look into the population.
  • Enhanced Datasets: Several of our datasets, including CrimeRisk and Retail Gap, are on deck to be upgraded with new data and enhanced models to make them even better. We are always looking to improve, and we think that you will like these new and improved datasets.

We hope that you have enjoyed this look into our plans for 2022. Keep reading our blog for details on when these enhancements will be available.