Earlier this year, we introduced you to our new API, Snapshot, an interface which delivers data on demand for use in a wide range of analytics applications. Snapshot has been loaded with the latest 2020A data release with over 6700 built-in variables and the ability to create new variables using an expanded function library.

Snapshot is the ideal platform for your trade area needs, offering exceptional performance, flexibility, and a wide range of innovative analytics tools. Using a unique three-factor block apportionment system, you can be sure that both residential and business demographics are reported with precision.

With Snapshot, you can –

  • Retrieve up to 20 radius or drive times per location with a single function call
  • Process entire files of geocoded points (radius, drivetime) or polygons simply by uploading a file and downloading the resulting table
  • Use flexible and innovative benchmarks including our percentile and z-score comparisons which go beyond simple comparisons, or use your own site or target area as a benchmark
  • Set trade area size using the context of the site based on the density of the surrounding area, with parameters that can be set based on your requirements
  • Create distance adjusted trade areas, providing weighted trade area statistics to help distinguish between sites based on the internal distribution of any variable

Snapshot Templates allow you to decide exactly what data you want, in the format you want it. Use our Windows desktop application to define templates that combine individual variables with named tables and a wide range of functions –

  • Classification of values using a table
  • Ranking and sorting of table elements
  • Standard transformations including logarithms and trigonometric functions
  • Custom geospatial functions including diversity and income inequality
  • Benchmarks using percentiles and z-scores
  • Distance decay functions and statistics
  • Regression equation estimates

As with any AGS data product, we provide data packages but allow complete flexibility regarding what variables are licensed. Licensing can be by database or by template, for named user annual subscriptions or on a pay-as-you-go basis. For larger resellers or heavily used applications, self-hosting of Snapshot is available.