For over 30 years, clients have been working with MarketMAPS & GbBIS to create an understanding of the impact of geography, location and demographics on their organization. They use our products and services to apply that understanding to better manage operations and achieve their goals.

The visual representation of information is a key element to developing understanding and applying it. Whether studied by one person, standing in front of an audience of several hundred or a critical tool used by the team, maps create new levels of a more complete picture. One of our clients said it best, “A map is worth a thousand reports!”

Clients use maps to address territory design and management, site evaluation and selection, market analysis, target marketing, customer profiling, deliveries and logistics, sales modeling and more. Maps are as effective as the data used to create them and the information they represent. Reports, charts and databases accompany the maps to maximize their use and effectiveness.

The data created by AGS is a critical component of the studies, projects and systems created by MarketMAPS & GbBIS. From household demographics to CrimeRisk, neighborhood segmentation profiles to babysitting expenditures, retail sales to annual precipitation, our clients rely on the accuracy, completeness and scope of the data developed by AGS.

The AGS data satisfies the broadest scope of applications: nationwide to regions, neighborhoods to households, standard geographies to custom areas. AGS data further demonstrates its robustness in combination with extensive data sets from other leading providers, including HERE, infoGroup, Kalibrate, Tom-Tom and Uber-Media.

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