For nearly twenty-five years, Freeway has been the drive time engine of choice for trade area delineation and retail sales forecasting models. The first and best engine has been reworked and expanded to include a range of new features including:

  • Global coverage: any location, anywhere, within a single database structure based on the latest OSM street files.
  • Greater Resolution Control: A new resolution model which expands the number of levels to five from the original two. The finest resolution is twice that of the old engine, and we can tailor which resolution to use based on the drive time size very finely allowing maximum performance.
  • More Street Types: A greatly expanded range of street types to now include differentiation between major and minor arterial roads, service roads (e.g. private roads within shopping centers), and in order to support global coverage, local unimproved roads. Unimproved roads in North America include forestry and agricultural service roads but in much of the world, serve as connectors between towns.
  • Performance and Accuracy: Internal improvements such as an improved connection model for points which are not directly connectable to the road network and a new data storage model which improves performance substantially. Combined with the improved resolution control and new data storage model, performance times for common drive times such as 5, 10, or 15 minutes are drastically improved, with most polygons produced in well under one second.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1-3-5 Minute Drive Times


Freeway is available by several means –

  • Freeway API, a simple interface for web developers
  • Desktop stand-alone application
  • Windows DLL for developers using the existing interface.
  • Native command line driven windows shell application for web and desktop developers

Databases available at present are for North America (NA19) and Global (GL19) based on the OSM street database, with annual updates released in September of each year.

Memphis TN 15 Minute Drive Time Fine Resolution

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Full information on Freeway and the new features can be found in this PDF: Freeway 2020