We’ve heard it for years: clients have wanted a neighborhood segmentation system like Panorama for Canada. One where you can take your U.S. client base, and find similar clients based on demographic likeness in Canada. Well, Panorama CanAm is the first of its kind, a neighborhood segmentation system that crosses the border seamlessly. You can now use one segmentation solution for all of your requirements in the US and Canada lowering your cost and allowing you to seamlessly understand markets and customers no matter where they are. Stop paying for two segmentation systems and simplify your processes with Panorama CanAm.

Panorama CanAm is a 2-tiered segmentation solution with 26 broad lifestyle groups and 99 detailed segments. Inside of Panorama CanAm is a variety of authoritative data sources and hundreds of variables distilled into a usable form. Every household in Canada and the United States is covered at either the block group or dissemination area. Panorama CanAm will be updated annually. For more detailed information, check out the full brochure below.

Panorama CanAm Brochure

Until the launch, feel free to play around with the interactive map below where you can read all of the segment descriptions. Use the dropdown to select the segments you want to see, and watch the map fill up. Hover over any of the dots to read the group and specific segment description. Panorama CanAm will be available in the 2022A release, coming later this month.