After many years of working directly with Infogroup, now Data-Axle, Applied Geographic Solutions is making a change to our core source data for our Business Counts database.

Effective January 1, 2021, we will be switching over to the Business dmPlus™ database, offered by long-time AGS partner Devonshire Associates. The Business dmPlus™ file is a multi-source business location database which utilizes a broad range of sources, filling in the gaps found within the individual national compiled list vendors.

We believe that the change is beneficial to our users for several reasons:

  • Increased accuracy, given that Business dmPlus™ utilizes a wide range of sources allowing records to be cross-checked and validated more thoroughly.
  • Given the close relationship between AGS and Devonshire, we expect improved responsiveness to issues raised related to establishment records, geocoding, and multi-locational firms.
  • Significantly enhanced flexibility to the AGS channel network in packaging, reporting, and distribution of data.

As importantly, AGS will have much improved abilities to work with establishment level data on projects and be able to offer access to the establishment data to AGS channel partners who require it for mapping, reporting, and list selection purposes. For channel partners who currently license point files from Data Axle (Infogroup), we are now able to offer an alternative, possibly at a lower price point.

We have very thoroughly reviewed both files. Establishment counts are generally similar, depending on the chosen treatment of single employee home-based businesses, but there will be differences resulting from the fact that in all business files the employee counts, especially in multi-locational firms, are subject to considerable estimation error. There will, of course, be differences between the current and new business files but that these differences will be relatively minor in comparison given that this has been a radical year of change in the business landscape.

This change will directly affect several existing AGS data products including:

  • Busines Counts
  • Retail Sales and Retail Gap
  • Business Dimensions
  • Non-Resident Population

In addition to the business database, AGS and Devonshire are working on finalizing plans to offer the ability to select from the Devonshire consumer list using Panorama segmentation. In conjunction with the evolving Panorama toolkit within our Snapshot API, access to consumer mailing lists will enable AGS channel partners to fully utilize Panorama for both location analytics and direct marketing.

We have not made these changes lightly, and fully expect that over the coming few years, our increased flexibility and ability to create new products will more than justify the one-time disruption. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.