Snapshot API

Snapshot delivers the data you need for site location analytics simply and efficiently. Reports can be delivered for radius areas, drive times, custom polygons, grid cells and standard geographic units.

The Snapshot API is a simple interface that provides access to the most commonly used variables chosen from the vast AGS library of over 32,000 variables. Nearly 21,000 variables are available covering all AGS databases. Snapshot data is updated twice a year, ensuring you have the most accurate data available. Choose from the broadest range of current year estimates, or from any of our premium databases including CrimeRisk, Health Care, Retail Potential and Gap, Panorama, and MRI behavioral attributes.

Snapshot includes over thirty report templates, or you can design your own with exactly the data you need.

Complete Flexibility
Site reports should contain only the data you need, not what your vendor has decided they want you to pay for. Snapshot report templates are completely customizable. Create your own variables using an advanced function library that even allows you to compute estimates for your regression equations. Add entire tabulations with a single click.

Create reports with as few as one variable, or as many as a thousand. Determined by your needs, and priced accordingly.
Snapshot supports both annual subscription models and pay-as-you-go plans, at prices you can truly afford.

Innovative Features
Snapshot reinvents the site report by adding features never available until now:

• Allowing you to compare your site with the universe of possible sites across the country, expressed either as percentiles or as standard scores

• Context sensitive trade area sizing allowing trade area size to be determined by the local density, so field personnel automatically get trade area reports based on the correct size for your models

• A wide range of functions available for computing variables the way you need them, ensuring that site reports are fully usable without additional processes

• Distance adjusted trade areas that account for the distribution of any variable within a trade area by using inverse distance weighting bands

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