This week, our latest data release has made its debut. We’ve been previewing bits and pieces of the release, along with the challenges presented by the 2020 Census, for the last few weeks. Below is a summary of the release highlights, with the links to read the full articles.

2020 Census Integration

For our 22A update, we will release our estimates and the PL 94-171 data for the 2020 Census Cartography (the new BGs, Tracts and Counties). Our full plan is over on the blog. 2020 Census Integration Plan Update – Applied Geographic Solutions

Vital Statistics

One of two new databases for 2022A, vital statistics provides important data like life expectancy, age of mother at child’s birth and more. Small Area Life Expectancy Estimates – Applied Geographic Solutions

Panorama CanAm

After many years of requests, Panorama is coming to Canada. The new Panorama CanAm is the first of its kind, a seamless neighborhood segmentation system that crosses the border to include the United States and Canada. Panorama CanAm Preview – Applied Geographic Solutions

Improved 2020 Census Geographies      

If you are looking for detailed information about the new 2020 Census geography, this article has good information on how block groups are changing. Improved 2020 Census Geographies – Applied Geographic Solutions

Freeway Drive Time Update

A major performance overhaul and data update are here for Freeway. Increases in street segments of all types, a 40% performance boost and improved batch processing commands are the major updates. Freeway Drive Time Update – Applied Geographic Solutions