Many years ago, a major advertising battle between McDonalds and Burger King was started when Burger King promoted the slogan “Have it your way” in the jingle that included the line “special orders don’t upset us”. If that jingle is now playing in your head in an endless loop, we do sincerely apologize, although you can easily force it out of your head by thinking of the Disney small world ride.

The literature of one of our main competitors states “that most researchers request the same group of variables for use in their analysis. So we made a decision early on to sell our data in predefined bundles.” It is thus decreed: All cheeseburgers shall come with pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup. Don’t like pickles? Too bad. Pick them off.

If they are the McDonald’s, then AGS is the Burger King. We designed our systems from the beginning to deliver the exact data that the end user desires. Don’t like pickles? We understand. And you should not be paying for them. Want just one onion ring on your burger? Their way, you have to get the whole side order of onion rings. Our way? We throw one on the burger and charge you for just one.

Sure, we do offer standard data bundles, but in our experience, the notion that most researchers request the same group of variables is just not true. Offered the choice of picking pickles off their burger or not having them in the first place (oh, and not paying for them), most opt for the Burger King approach.

For nearly twenty-five years, users have been able to get only the data they need by using AGS data templates and have been able to order data for just the areas they need. Want just seven variables from seven different data products for just one county? Okay with us. Not so much for them. Want a filtered national file of ZIP codes which have a population density over 1000 per square mile? Don’t even bother to ask them.

Now with our new Snapshot API, you can define just the variables you want and get them served up in real time for any geographic area or areas you want. Want just a single five minute drive time area? No problem. Want data for your custom grid cells nationwide? Give us a few minutes, but no problem. Have a model that needs ten variables but all you care about is the regression estimate? No problem, we won’t ask you to pay for anything but the variables you receive, even if they are based on a wider set.

Premium data should be delivered exactly as you want it, not how we think you should have it. We know data, you know your needs.

Data delivery done right.

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