We at AGS are delighted to announce the availability of Snapshot, an API interface which delivers data on demand for use in a wide range of analytics applications. The initial data library includes five thousand of the most used AGS variables accessed easily with variable lists and report templates.

The main features of Snapshot include –

  • Site reports for radius areas (rings, bands), custom polygons, drive time areas, grid cells, and geographic units (e.g. one or more ZIP codes)
  • Database extraction for any geographic level
  • Multiple site processing, allowing retrieval of data for radius, polygon, and drive time areas for each record in an uploaded file
  • Retrieval of a single variable for use in a dynamic thematic mapping viewer, either block groups or grid cells

Variable lists can include library variables (e.g. population, median household income) or formula results. An extensive array of formula functions are provided to fully customize output, including new measures for diversity and inequality, the computation of regression model estimates, ranking, and even reclassification of variables. More importantly, we add the ability to include entire tables of variables, such as households by income, as a single entry by using simple references.

Snapshot offers exception performance and flexibility and will easily be integrated into user applications.

Snapshot delivers much more than just traditional site data, incorporating two industry first capabilities that seriously raise the bar – siteDATA, a unique distance adjusted trade area that accounts for the distribution of a variable within a trade area and siteCompare, which revolutionizes report benchmarks. These will be introduced in this newsletter over the coming weeks.

As with any AGS data product, we provide data packages but allow complete flexibility regarding what variables are licensed. Licensing can be by database or by template, for named user annual subscriptions or on a pay-as-you-go basis.   For larger resellers or heavily used applications, self-hosting of Snapshot is available. Snapshot will be available in late March 2020.

Want to learn more about Snapshot? Email us at info@appliedgeographic.com.